Monday, 8 August 2011

Another spider craft! Eric Carle style

We already did a spider craft some time ago using cardboard egg carton. But there's never too many a time in doing crafts right, what's more if they are simply fun and the finished product invited such a beaming pride in your child's face.

We are still on and off in our thematic lesson progress (definitely not proud of that). Still on insects and spiders. I can list off several reasons for that, but honestly deep down I know and have to shamefully admit that procrastination is on top of it. There I've said it!

Ok enough of that and let's get back on track.  We've been reading and loving Eric Carle's works which include The very busy spider and The very hungry caterpillar relating to the current theme. And I've been bloghopping a number of awesome blogs on kids crafts and such, and happened to stumble upon book crafts. These people have such incredible yet simple ideas that always make me go "Why didn't I think of that!".

So I have decided to do a craft based on The Very Busy Spider. Specifically the spider itself. Have you read it to your child yet? Please do! It portrays different farm animals with their sounds asking the spider to play with them. It sure is fun making all sorts of animal sounds with Kakak, even Adik enjoyed it too!

What we used:
Blue crepe paper
Yellow crepe paper
Orange paint
Black paint
Brown paint
Green Paint
Spider template (Go here to download it. I blow it bigger here, another great site!)

1. Paint your papers. Look closely to the picture on the book and choose you colours. We used blue paper painted with greens for the head, yellow paper painted with orange and black dots for the body and yellow paper painted with brown and black for the legs.

2. Let dry.

3. Cut the template and spread glue.

4. Shred the papers and paste accordingly.


Little note: Our cat has been bringing in roaches the past few nights. Yes! Roaches! She dug them from somewhere outside and brought them back! EEWW! Abah and I are absolutely terrified not a big fan of roaches. Nothing is worse than a Flying cockroach!! Ok now that's not the point actually. All I had wanted to say is Kakak saw it, went to it up-close, and started shouting "Mama look! It has 2 antennas and 6 legs! Insect!" Pin It

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