Thursday, 22 September 2011

Share good times and good art

I don't know why as of late I always have the cravings for: McDonald's!

Especially the breakfast, sausage mcmuffin with eggs! Yummy!

Thank you to Abah who took pain and time ~well not really right, because its just near your golfing driving range and you were willing just so I wouldn't get mad at you and your yet-another hobby~  to buy them, as we do not have the luxury of home delivery ~thank God for that actually~ and its about 15-20 mins away.

So if you are a McDonald's lover like me, you might actually already owned their Breakfast/Dinner Box. I think its just awesome and the ways you can use them afterwards, superb!

So this is what I made mine into:

Hahah! A box for Kakak's art tools! 

the ' I can't be bothered with my Mama' look

Some of her art supplies 

Pencil Colours

Pencils, Brushes, Pipe cleaners, Straws, Chopsticks, Crayons etc..

The poster paint box can be fitted in nicely too!
So now, I do have a good reason to go and buy more boxes! Pin It

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A smurfy weekend!

It wasn't as great as I thought it would be. The smurf movie that is. Abah even dozed off in the middle. And I would have to think twice the next time we want to watch any movie, because Adik is so fidgety and restless! I think she's not the movie kinda person, she is not even interested in cartoons unless it is the singing part. Its a good thing of course.

Kakak on the other hand, could be numbed by watching tom and jerry and mr bean - yes mr bean! I don't get it! - for hours! I am making it a challenge for myself to reduce - or totally scrap! - the tv amount for my children, insyaAllah!

Steps to be taken, more and more activities. Alhamdulillah for blogs out there who shared tons of ideas and also to Pinterest! -which I have to tell myself dozen of times to Just Stop Pinning Already and Get Moving- sheesh!

But that would also mean, more commitment on my side - its not like Im not already committed or something, what am I living for if not my family, in their every waking hour every single day, I feel like I don't even have a life of my own anymore! I can't remember the last time I went out alone, or read a good book without disturbance, or talked to my friends, or even having a decent conversation with anybody, and I think Im beginning to rust in the art of talking. Even as an introvert, I do need a good conversation with a listening adult once in a while right - note that, listening. Okay, enough of that already.

Wait..what's this post supposed to be about actually...aahh a smurfy weekend.

I love our weekends when we are not travelling back anywhere. It is super tiring. And I hate the packing. And the heaping laundry after that.

Well, let's just feast on pictures and captions shall we.

A smurfy weekend in Kuantan. 

Walking along the beach after a McDonald's breakfast

She loves loves and loves to walk

Something caught her attention

Always has a funny pose for the camera

"I want those!"

We didn't let her so she decided to walk off with her stroller

hmph! stomp stomp!

I'm a big girl Mama!

"I don't wanna let go!"

Time to get smurfy!

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Friday, 9 September 2011

Adik's antics..

they never fail to put a smile on our face.

Since getting her 'licence' at exactly 1, she has been toddling everywhere from the moment she wakes up.  Sometimes she would take my hand, gesture me to get up and walk around with her too - and if I don't, she would 'throw' herself on the floor bawling, angry is her new-found emotion.

Let's feast on her shall we - I mean her pics of course,

Umaira on being 1 : What will I be when I grow up?

Shopping queen?



domestic queen?


And oh, did I mention she had a nasty accident a day before her birthday. Fell face first on the gravel from our car - the CRV which is quite high! She was leaning on the door when her Kakak came and  immediately opened the door! Cuts on her nose and grazes on forehead. But she only cried for a little while and calmed down when BFed, my poor baby. Quite a strong threshold of pain I must say. Alhamdulillah its better now, no marks on the nose, only small spots of white skin on the forehead. 
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Abah's girl...

She is like her Abah in more ways than he would admit - well he wouldn't admit only the negative ones.
But alhamdulillah, I would like to believe that she has also inherited his talent - drawing.

She love posing with her 'masterpiece'
her drawing interpretation of the plushie

totally on her own

Next, the cat

Again unguided. 
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