Friday, 20 January 2012

Homeschool Journal January: Week #3

Theme: All about Me!
Focus: Skeletal system
Word Family : at
Huruf: sa & ya (al-furqan pg12)
Numbers: Recognition and counting 1-20
Arqam: Recognition 1-3
Surah: al-ikhlas
Do'a: Before entering the toilet

We are still very flexible in our schedule, and there are still lots of break time during school when Kakak decided just to go off to the living area and switch on her cartoons. I just have to keep in mind to take it slow with her, and try to implement the schedule in our daily school gradually. Our 1 to 1 assessment will only take about 5 mins or lesser for each subject. I would also cover only 2-3 subjects per day (al-Furqan is covered daily insyaAllah).

As for Adik, she would always sit by (and disturb) her Kakak. I hope she would also 'absorb' whatever her Kakak is learning. 

Below are pictures during our JFF activity, which are letter crafts. 
Research has shown that children have a better recollection of letter formation and sounds if this is associated with visual stimulus.  For this reason, picture mnemonic craft activities are included within the alphabet theme units.

Train and track

She actually had a meltdown after drawing all those lines because she was frustrated and claimed that it wasn't nice and straight! She actually wanted to throw it away! Perfectionism??
After some coaxing and reasoning, she was finally ok with it.
Drawing her flowers

All done!

At last, proud of her work!


Favourite pink sprinkles! They are expensive tho, at RM5 for that small bottle!
This was actually from an organza pouch we got for a door gift at a wedding.  I thought it would make a nice gown.
She loves this to bits!
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