Saturday, 7 January 2012

Homeschool Journal January: Week #1

Theme: All about Me!
Focus: Name, age, likes and dislikes
Phonics: s, a, t
Huruf: ma, ba, da
Numbers: 1-20
Arqam: 1-10
Surah: al-ikhlas
Do'a: Before entering the toilet

This week we actually had 2 days only of full schooling, as their great-grandma and aunties came over. So the assessments for some main subjects will be carried forward to next week. 

I am taking the montessori style approach, with activity trays and 1 to 1 assessment. I hope that this way I can focus on both Kakak and Adik, and lessen Adik's interference when I do lessons with Kakak. 

Day 1
Our simple trays/boxes. We got the shelves at Carrefour for only RM30!  

No beans at home, so I used dhal instead. They love this!

Finger stamping on numbers. Printed from here.

Arqam puzzle with cards (they were cutouts from a RM3 poster).

Pringles container, punch-holed lid, with pipe cleaners.

Face parts word and picture cards with magnetic alphabet

Painting corner

Great sensorial too!

Make own snack : peanut butter sandwich

Sprinkle sprinkles



Masterpiece of the day

Writing activity with brief explanation on the meaning of her name, princess Balqis.

I'm quite amazed that she can actually say out wahid till asyarah
Day 2

Changed to magnet buttons with whiteboard - both  from Daiso

Hammering activity. A hit as well! Styrofoam, golf tee and wooden hammer

Changed from pipe cleaners to straws.

Hammering away

Full body outline
Just woke from nap and straight to hammering

Adding details on her body

An everyday activity

Phonics assesment

Fine salt on card

Masterpiece of the day

Ended the school day with water activty - full
 Day 3 (half day)
New tray - coins and camel bank
Adik's fav!

Still at it!

Masterpiece of the day

Locked legs when full of concentration
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