Thursday, 15 March 2012

Letter Craft - O Ostrich, C Caterpillar, G Guitar, D Dinosaur

O Ostrich

We pasted tissues on the letter O for texture since we don't have any feathers.  Bit messy as Kakak used the liquid glue. But she's proud of it anyway, and that's what's important!

C Colourful Caterpillar
No pompoms or cotton balls available at hand, so I just printed out small circles and asked Kakak to cut them out. Up to 4 circles and the rest was up to me. 

 Adding details

G  Glitter Golden Guitar
This was done weeks ago. We used the 'left-over' paper plate from our planets craft and made the letter G.
Kakak had a lot of fun with this because of the glitter of course!

D Dinosaur
Super simple craft. Googled the dino template, printed out everything. Kakak cut most of it. Then she just colour them, pasted the dino stickers we happened to have and done! 

Our current collection hanging by pegs on a fish line. 
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