Thursday, 4 August 2011

#5 JFF: Wax on hot rocks! Lotsa fun and a lil scald

In Just For Fun (JFF), me and my daughters will be doing a random FUN activity! Most ideas are sourced from great mommies and teachers out there online and in books tho some came right form my not so creative mind. They are so fun insyaAllah you will definitely be tempted to try them out with your lil ones! Be sure to link up or leave a comment if you do coz I would love to hear your side of fun! :)

Don't they look colourful and pretty?! I saw this activity in several blogs. Luckily managed to find some smooth rocks last week. A word of caution though, because this involves handling of HOT items. Kakak had her taste of scald, kesian anak Mama! It was painful, she cried, but that certainly didn't stop her from finishing it. Proud of you!

You will need:
Smooth rocks

1. 'Bake' the rocks for 10mins at about 175deg.
2. Take them out. Be extra careful as they are HOT!
3. Place them on a paper, cardboard or rug.
4. Take crayons and colour them! The crayons will melt upon touching the rocks, it was so fun to do it!
5. Leave it to cool.

Her first try! Just look at that happy face seeing the crayon melting!

Mama joined in too and did the ladybug! Others were done by Kakak despite the lil accident.

Accidentally elbowed a rock, don't worry dear it will  be well soon insyaAllah..
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