Friday, 27 January 2012

Letter Crafts - I insects & N net

I scoured the internet for letter I crafts, but did not come up with anything I like. There was actually one but it was ice-cream, I wanted something that made the sound 'i'. So I had to think up for an idea myself, and alhamdulillah came up with this.

Then the idea for letter N also hit me soon after, seeing that I have lots of the fruit protector from our apples bought, it was simply perfect. Alhamdulillah!  

I- Insects in the garden
N- A girl catching butterflies with a net
Cutting I

Drawing her garden

Pasting I in the garden

Paste antenna and legs on letter I and other insects printouts in the garden. Done!
Drawing her park. I cut out the letter N and she pasted the girl.
We used this fruit protector for the net
Paste the 'net' on the back then scatter some butterflies on it!
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