Sunday, 25 March 2012


is how life is.

We do not know for sure if there is another tomorrow for us. Or even another minute. Its the point in life when there is absolutely no turning back.

When its time to go, will I ever be ready for it? Have I done enough for myself? Have I done enough for my husband, children, mother?

How will my children remember me? Or will they?

Upon hearing the departure of a known friend, only a year or two older than I am, leaving behind her young family of 3 and 1, the latter was still breastfed, a lot of thoughts and emotions ran through me. Though not close, but I can feel putting myself in her place.

It was quite sudden, an asthma attack at work, which left her in coma and caused brain damage. She had to be on life support ever since and finally yesterday, it was time for her to leave as ordained.

But hers was a beautiful one insyaAllah, as friends described how serene she looked, how her husband is redha with her. May Jannah be your resting place dear sister. Inna lillah wa inna ilaihi raji'un.


Si suami berkata, “Semoga tidak ada sesiapa pun dari kamu yang mengucapkan takziah kepadaku sebaliknya dengarlah kata-kataku ini.” Semua yang berhimpun terkejut dan terdiam dengan kata-kata si suami itu. Si suami meneruskan kata-katanya, “Demi Allah, tiada Tuhan yang berhak disembah melainkanNya, sesungguhnya hari ini adalah hari yang paling bahagia dan gembira bagiku, lebih gembira dan bahagia dari malam pertamaku bersama isteriku itu.

Maha Suci Allah Ta’ala, sesungguhnya isteriku itu adalah sebaik-baik wanita bagiku, kerana ia sentiasa mentaatiku, menguruskan diriku dan anak-anakku dengan sebaik-baiknya dan juga ia telah mendidik anak-anakku dengan sempurna. Aku sentiasa bercita-cita untuk membalas segala jasa baik yang dilakukannya kepada diriku.

Apabila dia meninggal dunia aku teringat sebuah hadith Nabi Muhammad s.a.w: ‘Mana-mana wanita yang meninggal dunia sedang suaminya redha kepadanya pasti akan masuk ke dalam syurga’. Tatkala meletakkan jenazahnya di dalam lahad, aku telah meletakkan tanganku di kepalanya dan aku berkata: Wahai Tuhanku, aku sesungguhnya redha kepadanya, maka redhailah dia. Ku ulang-ulang kata-kataku itu, sehingga tenang dan puas hatiku.

kawan2 redhakanlah pemergian Almarhumah Nadia Baqsheer..sesungguhnya Jannah tempat yg pasti baginya.."

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Letter Craft - O Ostrich, C Caterpillar, G Guitar, D Dinosaur

O Ostrich

We pasted tissues on the letter O for texture since we don't have any feathers.  Bit messy as Kakak used the liquid glue. But she's proud of it anyway, and that's what's important!

C Colourful Caterpillar
No pompoms or cotton balls available at hand, so I just printed out small circles and asked Kakak to cut them out. Up to 4 circles and the rest was up to me. 

 Adding details

G  Glitter Golden Guitar
This was done weeks ago. We used the 'left-over' paper plate from our planets craft and made the letter G.
Kakak had a lot of fun with this because of the glitter of course!

D Dinosaur
Super simple craft. Googled the dino template, printed out everything. Kakak cut most of it. Then she just colour them, pasted the dino stickers we happened to have and done! 

Our current collection hanging by pegs on a fish line. 
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Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Family Gathering

Last Saturday we had a small family gathering with Nenek's side of family. 

And of course, food is mostly always the 'star' of any gatherings in Singapore.

The 'star': Nenek's Lontong complete with serunding, sambal kerang and chicken rendang. 
Super Yum!

 At grandaunt's house

Oh yes! They are Chinese! My mum is actually a Chinese-born given to a Malay family since baby. The only chosen one in family ~masyaAllah! 

Nenek's sisters and brothers = grandaunts and granduncles

The lil girl who loves to eat!

 A little barbeque

 Weee! My advanced birthday prezzies! 

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Friday, 2 March 2012

Our leap day @ The Polliwogs

Last leap day, we spent almost the whole day at The Polliwogs (its an indoor and outdoor playground for kids). We went out at about 12pm and only reached home at 5pm. 

It's situated at the East Coat Parkway, so the easiest way for us to get there was by cab. Journey was about 15mins from Nenek's, and it cost us S$7 (currently in Singapore, once you put a foot in a cab, the charge is already S$3.20).

Since we were there on a weekday, so the charge was S$10 for under 2s, and S$18 for above for unlimited play! Weekends are more expensive of course and only for a limited time. Adults are free. 

Quite a variety of play activities provided.  


Experimenting wind and balls 

Shooting balls

Obstacle play


The interactive playpad

Seating area was quite cozy. Adik had her afternoon nap for a while.

Outdoor area. Just the Bouncy provided. 

Story-telling and art session on Tue, Wed and Thur at 4pm.

Only us available but the staffs still went on with it. Great effort.

Swimming in the balls

There is a BK down few units away, so we pit stopped for a while. 

Time to head home!

All in all, Polliwogs is a great place to bring your kids down for a fun playtime. Unlimited play is of course a great benefit if you can come down on weekdays, as I don't think an hour and a half is quite enough for them. And of course if you're a kiasu parent like I am, you would want to make every cents of your money paid worth it. Plus it is much less crowded. Its quite spacious but all area are within visual contact from the cozy seating area for adults who just want to let their kids roam around on their own. 
We'll becoming here again for sure!
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Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Balqis sad story

Once there were 2 girls who were sunny and joyful with the presence of their beloved balloons. They played with it gleefully, dancing and jumping with the loyal orange and blue all around.  

When suddenly an evil prick came out of nowhere and popped the eldest's. 

The little one full of empathy, tried to soothe the despair.

But alas! She wasn't spared either!

The End

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