Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Not too wordy Wednesday

What they do every morning in Singapore...
Go next door for their bath

The view from Nenek's 10th floor

 Playing with fat cats at void deck -the cats are very well fed here

Kakak's delish choc chips bread pudding
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Monday, 27 February 2012

Library trip

Its been a truly long time since we last visited the library. I'm not so sure myself if there is any children's library at Kuantan. So everytime we come back to Singapore I will try to make it a must to go to there. 

This is the nearest to my mum's house. Since I'm bringing the tandem stroller, buses are out of question. I couldn't possibly handle 2 kids and lug the 12kg stroller boarding the bus. And so, we I walked all the way there which took about 15mins.  

We had our breakfast at the 'kopitiam' nearby. Had 'lontong' which I had been craving for quite some time. I miss Singapore food! We had been having Nasi Lemak everyday at Kuantan - we have to have rice at least once a day, Kakak and Adik especially is a big rice-eater.  Next in line would be 'Mee Siam', 'Soto' and 'Mee Rebus' YUM!

Data-entry clerks at work

Busy busy

Yeah Singapore is a 'fine' country. Everything cost $$$, These are fines for returning the books late the last time. Unless you pay, you will not be able to borrow. 

Checking out the books

I love this stroller! Though the downsides are its bulky when folded and heavy, but it has really served us well. Smooth, easy to turn even 360degrees, fit through standard doors, and its side-by-side.
Since it was too hot to walk, we decided to spend some time at Mcdonald's

Playground first before heading home

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Free show

Looks like there is no need  for Mama and Abah to spend hundreds on the Disney on Ice show ticket.

So what is so intriguing here? 
Its a bulldozer at work!

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Travelling alone with 3Ts: 2 tots and a tummy

We are at Singapore now! Will be here for the next 2 weeks, coz my bestfriend got engaged today and Abah will be going to Bandung WITHOUT US for 3 days next week, so there's no way Im going to coop myself and the kids at home while he went there having fun with friends.

We came by AirAsia from KL, as FireFly direct from Kuantan is quite costly. The latter is really not a budget airline at all! So we had rather drive the way up to KL for 3 hours and took AirAsia promo tix which cost only RM14 each for me and Kakak. Of course Adik had to pay too, funny thing was her tix cost much more - RM50 for those under 2 years old- but there was no seat for her! Nope there wasn't any special service rendered too.I still had to walk all the way to the plane under the sticky weather with my 5 months old heavy tummy, carrying Adik - God knows we'll never get to the plane on time if I let her walk by herself - and constantly had to stop and urged Kakak to catch up. The walk took us about 3-5 minutes I think. No special service offered. Maybe coz I didn't opt for the red carpet service which cost RM100..

That's the thing about AirAsia, though the tix are cheap, but there are so many add-ons actually you have to pay. Like the seats, you can actually opt to pay and choose your desired seating, but since I did not pay, they actually gave me a separate seating from Kakak! Though it was near - mine 17D while Kakak's 17C, we were separated by the aisle - but it was still separated. Kakak was registered under child, so obviously they know a child should be TOGETHER with the adult. But alhamdulillah the couple that should sit beside me were willing to trade their seats - though I sensed that the lady was quite unhappy with it. But sorry, I cared more about my children than your unwillingness to part with your boyfriend.

So here they were, quite well-behaved alhamdulillah during the journey - it took only about 45 mins.

taken by Kakak from her seat

They love the plane

Dedicated to Abah, she very much wanted to show Abah the front cover of that fat sumo-clad man.
Tips for taking plane with tots imho:

- Especially if you are alone with more than 1 tot, you would want to them to go to the toilet before they board the plane, coz it will be too much hassle if one of them wants to use the toilet on board. 

- Prepare activities for them while on board, just simple ones, like plain paper and some markers will do or maybe the Ipad.

- Only carry a simple or better, hands-free luggage on board. 

- Bring something for them to suck on, like lollies, or breast will do for BF babies, for during take-off and landing. 

- Don't forget extra diapers, wet wipes and maybe an empty plastic bag. Make sure if they pooped and you washed them in the toilet, do not just throw the soiled diaper in the thrash. You would want to ask the staff how to dispose of it, as you wouldn't to cause an emergency landing due to the stench of your kid's poop which really had happened before somewhere.

- Last but not least, pray that they do not make a scene or have their drama episode on board. 
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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Chef Kecik : Banana Ball

Kakak memang minat sangat masak2 ni. Klau boleh hari2 nak buat cake lah, pancake lah. Klau Mama masak, Kakaklah yang tolong Mama sukatkan beras sekarang ni. Excited sangat! 

Adik pun memang copycat. Semua yang Kakak buat, dia nak buat jugak. Jadi sama2lah dua2 tu menyibuk kat dapur, siap tarik kerusi semua nak get better view.

Sebenarnya memang banyak 'akitviti' mudah dan selamat yang anak2 boleh bantu di dapur.Kadang2 mereka ni tak perlu pun mainan2 yang mahal untuk digembirakan. Cuba minta tolong mereka untuk siapkan sesuatu, walaupun perkara yang amat simple pada kita, tetapi mereka pasti teruja dan bila selesai, lihat riak wajah mereka, pasti penuh bangga dan gembira. 

Seperti aktiviti mengupas telur. 

sungguh tekun!

Bermain dengan kulit telur. Aktiviti 'sensorial', jangan lupa boleh diselitkan juga dengan pebelajaran, seperti menerangkan yang ini 'hard' atau 'soft' dan sebagainya.

Kami juga ada membuat 'banana ball' yang sebenarnya adalah jemput2 pisang biasa saja. Memang favourite Kakak dan Adik.
menuggu arahan...

Of course lah Mama yang goreng, belum masanya lagi nak suruh Kakak handle minyak panas.
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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Our theme wall - Planets and rocket

So minggu lepas Mama and the girls dah buat 'sign' untuk wall kita yang bertemakan Space and Planets. Baru minggu ni berkesempatan nak sambung penuhkan wall tema kami dengan planets!

Barang2 yang diperlukan:
Pinggan kertas 10x
Kertas suratkhabar
Paints (Kita gunakan tempera paint, best dan murah) 
Warna yang digunakan: Biru, Hijau, Hitam, Putih, Coklat, Kuning dan Oren.
Kad2 atau sebarang gambar dan info tentang planet. Mama dapatkan di sini.
Masking tape

1. Gunting pinggan kertas mengikut saiz planet. (Jangan lupa simpan lebihan untuk gegelang Saturn)

2. Renyukkan kertas2 suratkhabar menjadi bola

 3. Susun di atas pinggan kertas dan balut semua bahagian dengan masking tape.

4. Dan akhir sekali, warnakan! Gunakan kreativiti dan gambar rujukan untuk pilihan warna.


Malam tu pulak Kakak nak sangat buat roket, sebab Mama dah cakap lepas ni roket plak...so tu yang tak sabar2 nak buat.

Google je 'rocket template', dan pilih yang berkenan. Kemudian besarkan di sini. Gunting dan tampal di atas cardboard.

Kemudian gunting lagi, dan warna! Jangan lupa tampalkan kertas tisu merah yang dicarik di bawah sebagai 'api'


 Memang klau ditanya Kakak, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Salah satunya ialah "Astronaut!"
(salah satu, sbb memang panjang list cita2 Kakak)

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Monday, 13 February 2012



THANK YOU to Mummy's Review for this awesome giveaway! 

Semoga bermanfaat untuk Mama dan anak2, insyaAllah!
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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Homeschool Journal February: Week #5

(Malay entry)
Tema: Space and Planets
Fokus: Planets
Reading: Word Family ap
Numbers: tens (10-100)
Huruf: al-furqan pg21
Surah: al-ikhlas

Alhamdulillah minggu ni kita beralih ke tema baru, Space and Planets. Fokus ialah kepada pengenalan 'planets'. Pada mulanya memang bingung sekejap, berapa planet sebenarnya yang ada. Sebab Mama pernah dengar dulu yang Pluto bukan dikira sebagai planet. Tapi bila buat research sikit, yang up-to-date ni, memang ada 9 planets termasuk Pluto. Dah dikira semula sebagai planet walaupun ianya lebih kepada "dwarf planet". 

Tapi minggu ni setakat intro saja. Memang klau nak homeschooling, sebenarnya jadual dan 'lesson plan' mestilah disediakan terlebih dahulu, sama saje mcm guru2 kat sekolah. Klau tak, mcm Mama minggu ni masa terbuang mcm tu saje, sebab tak banyak yang dapat 'cover' bila tak plan dahulu. 

So kebanyakan masa Kakak, dihabiskan dengan buat latihan dalam buku yang Mama beli dulu, Kindergarten Workbook. Alhamdulillah, minggu ni plak memang Kakak kemaruk nak menulis. Hari2 dengan pen dan notebook, tulis nombor, tulis abjad. 

Boleh lah tahan jugak, tulisan Kakak boleh dibaca. Dan alhamdulillah sekarang ni dah boleh tulis 1-10 tanpa dibantu.

Untuk abjad, masih ade yang terbalik2. Dan Kakak juga dah boleh lukis 'star' sendiri.
Nak ajar Kakak ni, memang perlukan kesabaran yang lebih sikit. Dia ni mudah rasa 'frustrated' bila sesuatu perkara yang dibuat tak seperti yang diharap. Kadang bila main pun mcm tu jgak, contoh klau main baling bola, dia tak dpt tangkap atau Mama tak dapat tangkap, pun boleh mengamuk! Klau baca Furqan, terjumpa huruf yang dia lupa atau tak tahu pun boleh mengamuk! 

Kadang2 (selalu pun) menyirap jugak tengok perangai mcm tu. Sabar jelah. Yang Mama boleh buat ialah pesan, pesan dan pesan dan doa semoga Kakak menjadi anak yang baik dan solehah, amin. Pin It


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