Friday, 27 January 2012

Letter Crafts - I insects & N net

I scoured the internet for letter I crafts, but did not come up with anything I like. There was actually one but it was ice-cream, I wanted something that made the sound 'i'. So I had to think up for an idea myself, and alhamdulillah came up with this.

Then the idea for letter N also hit me soon after, seeing that I have lots of the fruit protector from our apples bought, it was simply perfect. Alhamdulillah!  

I- Insects in the garden
N- A girl catching butterflies with a net
Cutting I

Drawing her garden

Pasting I in the garden

Paste antenna and legs on letter I and other insects printouts in the garden. Done!
Drawing her park. I cut out the letter N and she pasted the girl.
We used this fruit protector for the net
Paste the 'net' on the back then scatter some butterflies on it!
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Homeschool Journal January: Week #4

Theme: All about Me!
Word Family : at
Huruf: la & ja (al-furqan pg14)
Surah: al-ikhlas
Do'a: Before entering the toilet

We were supposed to wrap up our current theme this week. I thought of doing a lapbook with Kakak. But have not had the chance to, so I will bring it forward next week insyaAllah.

Kakak already has got the 'hang' in blending words, alhamdulillah. I will just say the sound 's' and 'at' she is able to put them together. This is a progress for her as before this I had to say all the sounds and put them together myself. 

She is also able to count up to 20 in order. Maybe for some at her age 20 is just a measly number, but I am very pleased with this progress because I had been slacking in doing Maths - or even anything - with her before this. She even recited 21-29 but finished it off with a "twenty ten!" - lol. I hope we can go into the tens to hundred for next month insyaAllah.

Adik is still here and there in 'school'. She will sit with me as and when she likes. She will do or work with anything she wants. I just let her be. Hopefully by being there, she gets to listen and observe in her own way, and absorb the knowledge insyaAllah.  

Adik will just play with the crayons, taking them out and putting them back. 
Note: Homeschool journals serve solely as records for me and updates for Abah. 
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A little CNY token

for our Chinese next-door neighbour.

Homemade sugar cookies, oranges and ang pow.
Kakak made the dough under my guidance. We used this simple recipe.

Why sugar cookies? Because its super simple, and can be rolled.

Why oranges? Oranges are given during CNY because in chinese the word sounds like wealth.

Why ang pow? Because they are considered extremely auspicious to receive as a gift and even more auspicious if they contain money.

She loves rolling the dough..roll roll roll the dough 
and cutting them
Ready for oven

Our 1st sugar cookies! Not a big fan tho, maybe bcoz we prefer everything chocolate
Made with love
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Friday, 20 January 2012

Homeschool Journal January: Week #3

Theme: All about Me!
Focus: Skeletal system
Word Family : at
Huruf: sa & ya (al-furqan pg12)
Numbers: Recognition and counting 1-20
Arqam: Recognition 1-3
Surah: al-ikhlas
Do'a: Before entering the toilet

We are still very flexible in our schedule, and there are still lots of break time during school when Kakak decided just to go off to the living area and switch on her cartoons. I just have to keep in mind to take it slow with her, and try to implement the schedule in our daily school gradually. Our 1 to 1 assessment will only take about 5 mins or lesser for each subject. I would also cover only 2-3 subjects per day (al-Furqan is covered daily insyaAllah).

As for Adik, she would always sit by (and disturb) her Kakak. I hope she would also 'absorb' whatever her Kakak is learning. 

Below are pictures during our JFF activity, which are letter crafts. 
Research has shown that children have a better recollection of letter formation and sounds if this is associated with visual stimulus.  For this reason, picture mnemonic craft activities are included within the alphabet theme units.

Train and track

She actually had a meltdown after drawing all those lines because she was frustrated and claimed that it wasn't nice and straight! She actually wanted to throw it away! Perfectionism??
After some coaxing and reasoning, she was finally ok with it.
Drawing her flowers

All done!

At last, proud of her work!


Favourite pink sprinkles! They are expensive tho, at RM5 for that small bottle!
This was actually from an organza pouch we got for a door gift at a wedding.  I thought it would make a nice gown.
She loves this to bits!
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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Our skeleton craft!

Learning about skeletal system!

Materials used:
Cardboard for hands, feet, cranium and pelvis.
Tubes for other bones. Cut in halves vertically, except for 2, for the spine.
White chalk 

Cut out the pieces. Rub everything white with the chalk.

A hand and foot from Kakak's and another from Adik's.

The ribs.

Detailing the cranium. 

Start assemble. Punch hole accordingly and piece everything together with the string. 

For the clavicle, ribs and pelvis, make slits and slot in the pieces.

Trying to fit in the rib

All done! Notice the eyebrow and lashes. 

Apparently its a skeleton with two right feet.
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Monday, 16 January 2012

Grumbling about your child?

I did. At the little things.

Like when they made a mess exploring or playing.

Like when they always bug me to take this or that for them or being bossy.

Like when they talk too much.

Like when they squabble.

Like when they did not listen.

Like when they drenched themselves wet again or get themselves dirty just after a change of clothes after a bath.

Like when they want to watch their cartoon shows instead of my show.

Like when they need me to sleep every night because I have something else to do.

Like this and like that and it goes on.

Until, I came across this.

And I feel so ashamed of all my grumblings and complaints. ~astargfirullahal adzim~

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Homeschool Journal January: Week #2

Theme: All about Me!
Focus: Facial features & Body parts
Phonics: p, i, n
Huruf: da na, a
Numbers: 1-20
Arqam: 1-10
Surah: al-ikhlas
Do'a: Before entering the toilet

New tray this week.  This colourful pegs and pegboard only cost us RM2! 
Cutting tray. But Kakak requested for glue and drawing paper as well. 
This was what she came up with. New drawing: Cars on road and V-shaped birds.

Doing a little worksheet. But it didn't last long. That's just Kakak.

Finally someone showed interest in this activity. Straws in holes. It was left untouched last week.
Our maths assessment. Counting paper clips substitute for beads as I don't have any. Kakak loves this!  

I have decided to fill in our 'Just For Fun'(JFF) activity for this month with letter crafts. So we started with S for snake.

We also did a clay craft of a person. 

Since it was so fun, we have decided to make a whole family this week!

Name writing. Able to write her first name on her own alhamdulillah, but sometimes she did forget a letter or two. 

Our 'S' craft!
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