Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ocean themed crafts!

We spent the last few days creating crafts relating to our ocean theme as computer is down, so no printables. Some were borrowed ideas while some others were self-inspired. 

Tissue roll Anemone
This idea was borrowed. 

Self-inspired. Used a clear cake container and painted it with Artzooka's not-so-secret paint recipe for plastic. They dry clear.

Self-inspired. Bunch up newspapers, cover with masking tape, paint then stick in pipe cleaners! Easy!

Ocean diorama

Fish out of bowl
I actually remembered this craft was done by my tutor when I was in my primary school. Ages ago! But he did a bird on one side and a cage in the other. So I just changed this to an empty bowl on one side, and a fish on the other. Stick the pictures face out together with a stick, we used a disposable chopstick. The trick is to spin the stick between your palm as fast as you can, and you can see that during the spinning it will look as if the fish is in the bowl! 

And we also did sensory tub!  
This was played during bath time. Once.
Some real shells, miniature ocean creatures erasers, stingray and lobster wind-up toys that swim, blue water, and some water beads. Note: There was an article in the paper that Malaysia has banned these water beads, as there were cases reported of kids swallowing them and had to undergo surgery! Be extra careful with them.
Of course I had to keep my eyes peeled, Adik was already getting ready to pop everything in her mouth!   

And when I got tired of keeping vigilant in the toilet, I tossed all the creatures in a big ziplock bag, squirted in lots of hair gel, and tadaa, a safer sensory bag! This idea was inspired by another mommy, but I'm truly sorry I coudn't find which. Chanced upon it quite some time ago. 
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  1. HI

    Oh my gosh, I am SOOOO glad you found me :) I actually registered with parenthots coz I was so sick of searching for other mommies in Malaysia and praying that some one will find me..haha :)Now I feel a little more normal. Hah!

    LOVE your blog, so many great ideas. I always forget to credit the original blogs too, then I started pinning. You should try it, very fun :)
    I'll send you an invite, ok?

  2. Dear Jessica,

    I sure am GLAD that I found you too! At last someone near who share the same interest! Maybe we can set a playdate someday! heheh

    MOst are borrowed ideas! ACtually I have started pinning too! (Thanks for the invite nevertheless and I followed you :))

    I truly like your blog and organized way of teaching Tiger. If you see my space here, I am still in a disorderly manner curriculum-wise.

    ANyway I sent you an email regarding something. Hope you can can help out. Thanks a lot for coming over!

  3. assalamualaikum,
    Salam kenal. Gembira bila dpt jumpa teman homeschool nih. Harap dpt bertukar2 pengalaman dan idea :)



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