Monday, 1 August 2011

#4 JFF: Lets go Fishing!

In Just For Fun (JFF), me and my daughters will be doing a random FUN activity! Most ideas are sourced from great mommies and teachers out there online and in books tho some may come right form my not so creative mind. They are so fun insyaAllah you will definitely be tempted to try them out with your lil ones! Be sure to link up or leave a comment if you do coz I would love to hear your side of fun! :)

Last weekend Kakak found Abah's earphone and pretended it was a fishing rod. While pretend play and imagination are great, I did feel like giving her a more appropriate tool to play with. Since we do not own any fishing toys, this gave me an idea of doing our own DIY fishing game with whatever supply we have in hand!

For the rod:
A pair of disposable chopsticks
String (we used shoelace)

1. Put two sticks together, make it long and tape them. 
2. Tie one end to the stick and another end with a magnet. (We bought a long strip magnet at a hardware store).

For the ocean life:
Cardstocks (I used cardboard from cereal boxes)
Printed pictures of ocean life (just google them)
Double sided tape

1. Paste pictures on card.
2. Cut the cards accordingly. 
3. Paste the magnet on one side of the pictures.  

Well, I was so eager to finish it that I did not even printed any pictures to save time. I just cut out shapes of fishes from the cardboard and asked Kakak to colour them! Well, another reason, which I think is more honest, is that Mama was being lazy!

After playing them on carpet, another idea came to mind. Took a small basin, shredded blue crepe paper and fill it. Put some rocks and marbles and throw in the fishes! Tadaa, its a pond!

Looking at her, I was sure she had fun playing it. Me and Abah gave a big round of applause every time she caught a fish, and this made her smile from ear to ear. It was worth the effort alhamdulillah!
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