Thursday, 11 August 2011

#7 JFF: Egg Carton Flower!

I have come to a point where I would think twice before throwing anything away, especially containers and cardboard materials. This actually resulted in a cramped box full of egg cartons, cereal boxes, plastic bottles, nutella jars and so on. I am not even sure what's in there now. Time to get organized soon!

So when I chanced upon an easy craft that makes use any of them, I jumped right in!

Found this idea from a lovely sister Amnah. She's a Muslim mom living in San Francisco, check out her site! Her pictures are awesome! Oh boy I really need my camera! Not that I take beautiful pictures, but at least it should be better than my pictures now - cloudy and blurry, even editing doesn't help.

Anyway I did mine as a bouquet in a plastic bottle while sis Amnah did hers as a wreath. And while hers are very pretty and colourful, mine looks like wilting flowers..but I am ok with that! At least Kakak put in her effort! Love you dear!

Materials used:
Egg Carton
Scissors / Penknife
Bendable coloured straws - ours are from IKEA

For the vase:
Plastic bottle - cut out the top
Gel balls - usually put in an aquarium. We love this! Should be great for a sensory tub!

Cut the egg cartons as shown in pictures. After cutting ours, I found that it will be much better if the slits are cut not till the middle part, leave like half an inch. That will help the 'petals' from opening too wide which is not very nice. You may then colour the flowers.  

To stick in the straws, poke a tiny hole in the middle of the flower. Slide in the straw, arrange them in your 'vase' and DONE!
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