Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Face off and a Birthday cake

As we learn about face today, I cut out some facial features (eyes, noses, eyebrows, ears) from mags to do a little craft that will be put inside our "All about Me! booklet".

Items needed:
Cardboard cut as the face
Facial features from magazines
Yarn for hair

Glue, glue, glue!

Adik was helping making a mess

The face sure looks 'off'' and somewhat eerie..don't u think?! Even Adik would 'bap' (trying to smack it) if she sees it...but Kakak on the other hand adores it and kissed it several times! Well she did put in her heart doing it after all. I also printed some work for her, and instead of writing down the numbers (she is not so into writing, tracing and the likes), I asked her to cut and paste them! She loves it!

Next, we talk a little about her age. She only knows that she is four, but doesn't understand the concept yet. I intended to a montessori birthday walk someday. We will see when..

For now its just a simple tracing sheet, and pasting of cake and candles made of felt.

Pasting the 'choc cake'

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