Friday, 27 January 2012

Homeschool Journal January: Week #4

Theme: All about Me!
Word Family : at
Huruf: la & ja (al-furqan pg14)
Surah: al-ikhlas
Do'a: Before entering the toilet

We were supposed to wrap up our current theme this week. I thought of doing a lapbook with Kakak. But have not had the chance to, so I will bring it forward next week insyaAllah.

Kakak already has got the 'hang' in blending words, alhamdulillah. I will just say the sound 's' and 'at' she is able to put them together. This is a progress for her as before this I had to say all the sounds and put them together myself. 

She is also able to count up to 20 in order. Maybe for some at her age 20 is just a measly number, but I am very pleased with this progress because I had been slacking in doing Maths - or even anything - with her before this. She even recited 21-29 but finished it off with a "twenty ten!" - lol. I hope we can go into the tens to hundred for next month insyaAllah.

Adik is still here and there in 'school'. She will sit with me as and when she likes. She will do or work with anything she wants. I just let her be. Hopefully by being there, she gets to listen and observe in her own way, and absorb the knowledge insyaAllah.  

Adik will just play with the crayons, taking them out and putting them back. 
Note: Homeschool journals serve solely as records for me and updates for Abah. 
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