Monday, 27 February 2012

Library trip

Its been a truly long time since we last visited the library. I'm not so sure myself if there is any children's library at Kuantan. So everytime we come back to Singapore I will try to make it a must to go to there. 

This is the nearest to my mum's house. Since I'm bringing the tandem stroller, buses are out of question. I couldn't possibly handle 2 kids and lug the 12kg stroller boarding the bus. And so, we I walked all the way there which took about 15mins.  

We had our breakfast at the 'kopitiam' nearby. Had 'lontong' which I had been craving for quite some time. I miss Singapore food! We had been having Nasi Lemak everyday at Kuantan - we have to have rice at least once a day, Kakak and Adik especially is a big rice-eater.  Next in line would be 'Mee Siam', 'Soto' and 'Mee Rebus' YUM!

Data-entry clerks at work

Busy busy

Yeah Singapore is a 'fine' country. Everything cost $$$, These are fines for returning the books late the last time. Unless you pay, you will not be able to borrow. 

Checking out the books

I love this stroller! Though the downsides are its bulky when folded and heavy, but it has really served us well. Smooth, easy to turn even 360degrees, fit through standard doors, and its side-by-side.
Since it was too hot to walk, we decided to spend some time at Mcdonald's

Playground first before heading home

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