Friday, 2 March 2012

Our leap day @ The Polliwogs

Last leap day, we spent almost the whole day at The Polliwogs (its an indoor and outdoor playground for kids). We went out at about 12pm and only reached home at 5pm. 

It's situated at the East Coat Parkway, so the easiest way for us to get there was by cab. Journey was about 15mins from Nenek's, and it cost us S$7 (currently in Singapore, once you put a foot in a cab, the charge is already S$3.20).

Since we were there on a weekday, so the charge was S$10 for under 2s, and S$18 for above for unlimited play! Weekends are more expensive of course and only for a limited time. Adults are free. 

Quite a variety of play activities provided.  


Experimenting wind and balls 

Shooting balls

Obstacle play


The interactive playpad

Seating area was quite cozy. Adik had her afternoon nap for a while.

Outdoor area. Just the Bouncy provided. 

Story-telling and art session on Tue, Wed and Thur at 4pm.

Only us available but the staffs still went on with it. Great effort.

Swimming in the balls

There is a BK down few units away, so we pit stopped for a while. 

Time to head home!

All in all, Polliwogs is a great place to bring your kids down for a fun playtime. Unlimited play is of course a great benefit if you can come down on weekdays, as I don't think an hour and a half is quite enough for them. And of course if you're a kiasu parent like I am, you would want to make every cents of your money paid worth it. Plus it is much less crowded. Its quite spacious but all area are within visual contact from the cozy seating area for adults who just want to let their kids roam around on their own. 
We'll becoming here again for sure!
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