Friday, 29 July 2011

#2 JFF: Back to village @ Terengganu - Sensory activity

In Just For Fun (JFF), me and my daughters will be doing a random FUN activity! Most ideas are sourced from great mommies and teachers out there online and in books tho some came right form my not so creative mind. They are so fun insyaAllah you will definitely be tempted to try them out with your lil ones! Be sure to link up or leave a comment if you do coz I would love to hear your side of fun! :)

There is a front yard at Nyang's house, where we stay everytime we are back at Abah's hometown. Me and Kakak decided to 'explore' it.

I thought there might be things that could be collected and talked about. So we went on looking for something to hold them. Finally we found a cracked pail. Perfect!

And exploration began..
That's the pail and things are filled in
Happy hunting!

Items laid out, touched, smelled and tasted. Among them are a twig, a rock, different coloured leaves, kaffir leaves, a lime, dried leaf...

We love sensory activities! They are definitely hands-on, fun and never fail to spark the little one's curiosity.  There are tons of great ideas out there I would love to try. Especially the sensory tubs. Awesome! 
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