Monday, 11 July 2011

#1 JFF: Ice Colour Painting

In Just For Fun (JFF), me and my daughters will be doing a random FUN activity! Most ideas are sourced from great mommies and teachers out there online and in books. They are so fun you will definitely be tempted to try them out with your lil ones! Be sure to link up if you do coz I would love to hear your side of fun! :)

Few days ago we did our dyed paper-towel craft. After we were done I realized that we still have much of the colours left. So I poured them into shaped ice trays and froze them. Here was what we did yesterday:

Things needed are the IceColour and paper. We used watercolour paper .

princess @ work!

It sure is cold! Perfect activity for the hot weather!

Ice + Kids = FUN! Pin It

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