Sunday, 10 July 2011

Dyed Paper-towel Butterflies and Flower

Things you will need:
Paper towel
Food colouring
Pipe cleaners
Too bad we didn't have more colours...Only purple, red and yellow.
Focusing on folding up her paper

All by herself! Tadaa!
How to:
1. Take a piece of paper towel and fold it up into a small square. (we fold it up 4 times)
2. Dip it into the colours. (watch the video below)
3. Open up the paper, you can see the paper is dyed and pretty now.
4. Left it to dry.
5. Once dried, scrunch up the middle and tie it up with the pipe cleaner. Done!

We also made a flower using 2 pcs of paper

Working with children, its always important to make all the preparations beforehand. We wouldn't want to 'kill' their excitement waiting. Demonstrate once on how its going to be done, and you will be amazed at how quick they learned.
Pictures and video are not of good quality as forgetful Mama left the camera cable at Grandma's, and so now we have to rely on the Ipad. Pin It

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