Sunday, 3 July 2011

#1 THEME : Insects and spiders

Slowly progressing on our first theme. Honestly, our homeschool is not yet in full swing. I wouldn't dare say I am homeschooling my daughter yet. A lot of things to be planned, organized, prepared. I am still feeling bit lost and scattered. There are just too much awesome ideas and superbly creative activities on homeschooling, its both overwhelming and exciting!

Realizing that we will get to nowhere if I were to keep on researching for the best instead of slowly implementing some into action, I have decided to start it off with what Kakak love to do best. ART and CRAFT!

I have decided to go with thematic approach.To me themes are great! We can prepare our lessons focusing on them. It made more sense and the learning feels more natural as the areas of the curriculum link together.

It is, after all, how we, as adults, learn new things. Don't we start at what interest us and branch out from it?

So here are what we have done in summary, will be updating more as this theme is still ongoing:

I dare say that 90% were done by Kakak. We used mostly discarded items, or call them junks if you like. For example, our ladybug's body was made from the take-away drink holder at McDonald's! Its a great way to recycle, isnt it?
I simply love the beam on her face whenever she finishes her projects. Simply priceless.
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