Saturday, 2 July 2011

Umaira Balqis.

Little princess Balqis.

The name was intentionally chosen to be similar with Amira Balqis. May the both of you find in each other the best of sister, friend, confidant and companion.

I love my sister!
@ 10 months old
The same question will still be asked..are you a boy or a girl? :)

Her awaited teeth finally decided to show up at around 9 months old.

Crawls all over the house
Climbs stairs
Able to walk while holding onto something...walking should be anytime soon insyaAllah!
Shakes her body when a catchy song is on
Able to hold on to her sippy cup and drink by herself

Shows excitement upon hearing her favourite song! Hokey-Pokey on BabyTV
Water! Both playing and drinking
Point! She absolutely loves to point at everything!
aargh Cat's food! so far I get to catch her before she grabs it..
Putting everything she could get her hands on in her mouth
Her mummy of course!

Picky about food
Still breastfeeding alhamdulillah
Starts to 'fight back' with elder sister when her toy is snatched Pin It

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