Sunday, 2 October 2011

Scoot scoot makeover!

There was this particular day we went to a relative's house and Kakak saw this scooter outside and started playing with it. It was in a truly wasted-looking condition but works alright. The grandma said she could take it home since they wanted to throw it away anyway. 

It was quite sad actually seeing her scooting happily with it. She didn't mind a bit that it wasn't new, as a matter of fact, it was so worn out! As much as it saddened me, I did not plan to get a new one for her, because I still stood firm in my beliefs that my children will not be getting ALL the things they want as easy as they thought, material things that is (books are different story). Some will have to wait, while others may have to be earned even if we have the means. I hope by this way they will learn to value more of what they owned and not be spoiled senselessly by materialistic wealth.   

So what I did was to promise her that one day I will make her scooter pretty and pink! That was just what we did last weekend. With cans of spray paint, some fabrics and mod podge, we started our project. After about several hours of spray and mod podging later, I was honestly elated upon seeing the transformation of the scooter! Kakak was beaming too!

Now, all it need is just a change of tyres! And maybe a bell and some ribbons. 

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