Thursday, 22 September 2011

Share good times and good art

I don't know why as of late I always have the cravings for: McDonald's!

Especially the breakfast, sausage mcmuffin with eggs! Yummy!

Thank you to Abah who took pain and time ~well not really right, because its just near your golfing driving range and you were willing just so I wouldn't get mad at you and your yet-another hobby~  to buy them, as we do not have the luxury of home delivery ~thank God for that actually~ and its about 15-20 mins away.

So if you are a McDonald's lover like me, you might actually already owned their Breakfast/Dinner Box. I think its just awesome and the ways you can use them afterwards, superb!

So this is what I made mine into:

Hahah! A box for Kakak's art tools! 

the ' I can't be bothered with my Mama' look

Some of her art supplies 

Pencil Colours

Pencils, Brushes, Pipe cleaners, Straws, Chopsticks, Crayons etc..

The poster paint box can be fitted in nicely too!
So now, I do have a good reason to go and buy more boxes! Pin It

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