Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lil Chefs: Pancakes!

For the last 2 days, we had been having pancakes for snack time. Chocolate Chips Pancakes. The plus point of being preggy is that you can stuff yourself and put the whole blame on it!

The 2 girls just love them soo much! Kakak prefers the prep and cooking part more of course. For the second time round, she actually did it by herself while I just instructed. She even flipped the pancake in the pan, and lift it out onto the plate!  

For cooking preps, it is much easier to use clear and simple instructions. Prepare all the ingredients beforehand, explain briefly what each are, and maybe let them taste. For beginners, use the cups and table/tea spoons measurement. And also, be prepared for the mess! Don't be afraid to let them try harder tasks, like cracking the eggs. Kakak cracked her first egg successfully when she was about 2 years old.

Mixing the ingredients together. Adik not missing out on the fun too!

The camera just don't take pretty pictures. Gotta get a new one! This is by far our fav pancake recipe..its soo fluffy! 

Well, Mama just got to show off too! Craved for Roti Jala, didn't have the mould so used the plastic bottle ketchup, this method is everywhere on the net. Some people are just plain genius! Doesn't it look pretty...and with curry its just soo YUM!  

And below is a masterpiece by Kakak. She just looove to draw. She would take a piece of paper and a marker, and started to draw whatever she wants. She hates colouring though.
Flowers, picture of herself with long hair, a cat, a bear, ermm the 2 bees are actually squirrels, and below them is the Ipad?? Her tall house, trees and cloud. ~according to Kakak
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