Monday, 16 January 2012

Homeschool Journal January: Week #2

Theme: All about Me!
Focus: Facial features & Body parts
Phonics: p, i, n
Huruf: da na, a
Numbers: 1-20
Arqam: 1-10
Surah: al-ikhlas
Do'a: Before entering the toilet

New tray this week.  This colourful pegs and pegboard only cost us RM2! 
Cutting tray. But Kakak requested for glue and drawing paper as well. 
This was what she came up with. New drawing: Cars on road and V-shaped birds.

Doing a little worksheet. But it didn't last long. That's just Kakak.

Finally someone showed interest in this activity. Straws in holes. It was left untouched last week.
Our maths assessment. Counting paper clips substitute for beads as I don't have any. Kakak loves this!  

I have decided to fill in our 'Just For Fun'(JFF) activity for this month with letter crafts. So we started with S for snake.

We also did a clay craft of a person. 

Since it was so fun, we have decided to make a whole family this week!

Name writing. Able to write her first name on her own alhamdulillah, but sometimes she did forget a letter or two. 

Our 'S' craft!
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