Saturday, 4 February 2012

Our theme wall - Art with a bottle scrub

Our theme for this month is Space and Planets! 

I am still in the midst of preparing our wall. So this was our first project. Making the sign.

We started of with a piece of black paper.

Over a garbage bag. This one's gonna be messy!

But first, not without some interruption from Adik. Scooting off with the plastic, and what would take me just seconds to prepare, ended up in minutes of trying to catch her and coax her into giving it back. I have to admit defeat at last and cut another bag. 

Pasted the letters and some planets. If you notice the finished product, you might not see any planets at all. They actually became soggy from the paint and scrubbing and disappeared. So was the some of the letters actually, but I repainted them back with black markers.

Next, I prepared the colours, tempera paints diluted with a bit of water. And of course the bottle scrubs! 

Now the fun begins!

Spraying all the colours...even Adik was sprayed on to!

I told you its gonna be messy! But didn't Kakak look like she was having a blast! Adik was having lots of fun too! She even left her footprints on it. But since she was 'topless', no pics of her here.

After it dried a little, we put on some star glitters! Then I peeled off the letters.

But I had to make over it a bit, as some of the letters weren't visible as mentioned. We left it to dry overnight.

And when morning came, they were truly excited to see it pasted on the wall with the glow in the dark stars and planets. Alhamdulillah!

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