Sunday, 26 February 2012

Travelling alone with 3Ts: 2 tots and a tummy

We are at Singapore now! Will be here for the next 2 weeks, coz my bestfriend got engaged today and Abah will be going to Bandung WITHOUT US for 3 days next week, so there's no way Im going to coop myself and the kids at home while he went there having fun with friends.

We came by AirAsia from KL, as FireFly direct from Kuantan is quite costly. The latter is really not a budget airline at all! So we had rather drive the way up to KL for 3 hours and took AirAsia promo tix which cost only RM14 each for me and Kakak. Of course Adik had to pay too, funny thing was her tix cost much more - RM50 for those under 2 years old- but there was no seat for her! Nope there wasn't any special service rendered too.I still had to walk all the way to the plane under the sticky weather with my 5 months old heavy tummy, carrying Adik - God knows we'll never get to the plane on time if I let her walk by herself - and constantly had to stop and urged Kakak to catch up. The walk took us about 3-5 minutes I think. No special service offered. Maybe coz I didn't opt for the red carpet service which cost RM100..

That's the thing about AirAsia, though the tix are cheap, but there are so many add-ons actually you have to pay. Like the seats, you can actually opt to pay and choose your desired seating, but since I did not pay, they actually gave me a separate seating from Kakak! Though it was near - mine 17D while Kakak's 17C, we were separated by the aisle - but it was still separated. Kakak was registered under child, so obviously they know a child should be TOGETHER with the adult. But alhamdulillah the couple that should sit beside me were willing to trade their seats - though I sensed that the lady was quite unhappy with it. But sorry, I cared more about my children than your unwillingness to part with your boyfriend.

So here they were, quite well-behaved alhamdulillah during the journey - it took only about 45 mins.

taken by Kakak from her seat

They love the plane

Dedicated to Abah, she very much wanted to show Abah the front cover of that fat sumo-clad man.
Tips for taking plane with tots imho:

- Especially if you are alone with more than 1 tot, you would want to them to go to the toilet before they board the plane, coz it will be too much hassle if one of them wants to use the toilet on board. 

- Prepare activities for them while on board, just simple ones, like plain paper and some markers will do or maybe the Ipad.

- Only carry a simple or better, hands-free luggage on board. 

- Bring something for them to suck on, like lollies, or breast will do for BF babies, for during take-off and landing. 

- Don't forget extra diapers, wet wipes and maybe an empty plastic bag. Make sure if they pooped and you washed them in the toilet, do not just throw the soiled diaper in the thrash. You would want to ask the staff how to dispose of it, as you wouldn't to cause an emergency landing due to the stench of your kid's poop which really had happened before somewhere.

- Last but not least, pray that they do not make a scene or have their drama episode on board. 
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