Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A smurfy weekend!

It wasn't as great as I thought it would be. The smurf movie that is. Abah even dozed off in the middle. And I would have to think twice the next time we want to watch any movie, because Adik is so fidgety and restless! I think she's not the movie kinda person, she is not even interested in cartoons unless it is the singing part. Its a good thing of course.

Kakak on the other hand, could be numbed by watching tom and jerry and mr bean - yes mr bean! I don't get it! - for hours! I am making it a challenge for myself to reduce - or totally scrap! - the tv amount for my children, insyaAllah!

Steps to be taken, more and more activities. Alhamdulillah for blogs out there who shared tons of ideas and also to Pinterest! -which I have to tell myself dozen of times to Just Stop Pinning Already and Get Moving- sheesh!

But that would also mean, more commitment on my side - its not like Im not already committed or something, what am I living for if not my family, in their every waking hour every single day, I feel like I don't even have a life of my own anymore! I can't remember the last time I went out alone, or read a good book without disturbance, or talked to my friends, or even having a decent conversation with anybody, and I think Im beginning to rust in the art of talking. Even as an introvert, I do need a good conversation with a listening adult once in a while right - note that, listening. Okay, enough of that already.

Wait..what's this post supposed to be about actually...aahh a smurfy weekend.

I love our weekends when we are not travelling back anywhere. It is super tiring. And I hate the packing. And the heaping laundry after that.

Well, let's just feast on pictures and captions shall we.

A smurfy weekend in Kuantan. 

Walking along the beach after a McDonald's breakfast

She loves loves and loves to walk

Something caught her attention

Always has a funny pose for the camera

"I want those!"

We didn't let her so she decided to walk off with her stroller

hmph! stomp stomp!

I'm a big girl Mama!

"I don't wanna let go!"

Time to get smurfy!

That was a lovely weekend! Pin It

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